Sunset aperitivo at Tenute Camilleri.
See you soon!

What is wine for us of Tenute Camilleri?

It is conviviality, fun and passion for our Sicily.

AperiCicco was created to represent our idea of ​​wine.

What is AperiCicco?


… you are surrounded by the Sicilian countryside …

… in front of our vineyards

… a glass of wine in the hand paired by Sicilian specialities

… you are in good company

… you watch the sun go down behind the horizon …

… you are immersed in an atmosphere of carefreeness and happiness …

… But obviously explaining in words what awaits you is a difficult mission, so we wait for you at the next AperiCicco, soon!

How does it work?

As if you were our guest, you can taste the glasses of wine you want accompanied by Sicilian specialities.

Wine Tasting + Aperitivo = € 25 (children € 10)

Mandatory Reservation

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