SICILIA DOC Denominazione di Origine Controllata


Harvest: 2022

Alcohol: 12,5% Vol.


Colour: rich pink

Aroma: citrus, faint note of black cherry, honey and green walnut.

Palate: floral with scent of strawberry, cedar, red orange and fruit in alcohol 


Camilleri family likes tasting Semprevento for happy hour, together with primo sale cheese and homemade dry tomatoes, watching sunset on our terrace. 


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The Nerello Mascalese grape is a local variety which represents sicilian tradition and it’s for this reason that we have decided to plant it in our estate.

Our Nerello Mascalese grows on medium soils: mainly clay and calcareous in part. For this grape variety we use cordon training and the pruning we choose is the guyot pruning.

His rich pink is obtained thanks to the maceration of the pomace. Only then can we achieve a good bond between freshness and texture.

Do you want to try a typical sicilian rosé wine, with a great teste? Try our Nerello Mascalese for a unique happy hour.

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