SICILIA DOC Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Harvest: 2021

Alcohol: 14% Vol.

Colour: intense ruby red with violet traces

Aroma: nuts and spiced hints

Palate: flavour of goudron and liquorice notes

Camilleri family likes paired with roasted boar and oven roasted potatoes 



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Perricone is an ancient local grape variety and it dates back to Greek colonization. During the years it has been cultivated less until the last few years when this variety has been rediscovered again.

Dad, knowing the fertility of the soil and the microclimate in our land in Ciccobriglio, has been able to imagine that this wine would have had great potential and for this reason he decided to give this ancient variety a new life.

Thanks to the characteristics of our land,  in our territory this vine can better express all his qualities, his structure and his delicacy.

The main training system for our Perricone is the counter-espalier and the method of cutting is Guyot pruning.

Do you want to try a structured and harmonious wine?

Taste our Affacciusuli, Perricone of our winery!

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