SICILIA DOC Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Harvest: 2021
Alcohol: 13.5% Vol.

Colour: ruby red
Aroma: berries with notes of rosemary and sage
Palate: cherry, blackberry, raspberry and hints of herbal

Camilleri family likes drinking Titous to think and to reflect.


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Papa was one of the first in the area to cultivate Merlot, planting the first international vine in 1999, preempting a 20 year trend of Merlot wine italian production. Papa Peppe decided to experiment and innovate, like grandfather Tito did before him, and this is the reason why this wine is dedicated to grandfather Tito.

Because they grow well on the island, Merlot grapes are fairly common in Sicily. However, thanks to our beautiful local growing conditions we can boast of an authentic Sicilian reinterpretation of this grapevine, characterized by warmer and more full-bodied flavours.

Our Merlot vines are grown on curtains in pebbly, medium soils and pruned according to the Guyot method.


Why buy our Titous? Because it’s a stunning Merlot, 100% sicilian. It is the mix of our sun, our fertile land and our Sicily, a crossroads of people and cultures.

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